DIY Pallet Rack

The idea to make this DIY pallet rack or beverage rack is very simple and smart to try with your hand at home. It will take much less effort and time to get your living room brightened up with it. This piece is unique in kind of art due to sharp and twisted edges. We have cut out the pallet board along with three corner planks and got a rustic pallet rack design. To get our DIY pallet rack in smashing and endearing values we have done it some beauty and basic wood tricks. These wood tricks are sanding, varnishing and staining. Sand paper of average grit provides ease to make surface smooth and well shined.

We have made it sanded with electrical sander for better results of wood garnishing. We have given it dark varnish impact for peak value of charm while hanging in living room corner as a centerpiece. You can store your accessories and reading books items in it. You can make it bookshelf too by storing books too with equal ease and fashion.

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reclaimed pallet rack

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