Handcrafted Pallet Jewelry Holder: DIY

Enjoy another great handcrafting phenomenon of pallet wood to organizer your jewelry. We reclaimed a very short supply of pallet wood (just a one big slat) to form this DIY pallet jewelry holder for home walls. Have used almost 12 vintage and antique gold shade hooks to enlarge the hanging space for you jewelry like rings and earring or any other kind of loopy or bangle jewelry.

We have used the wooden dowel through loop hooks for an additional hanging space for your necklaces and bracelets. We painted the wooden dowel black to make a stunning and awesome contrast with the golden hooks. This DIY pallet jewelry organizer can be hanged to any room or hallway wall to perform its duty. We have fixed it up with 2 saw tooth hooks for hanging need which can easily be got from the near one hardware store. Make this chic pallet rack project copied at home through a one plane pallet board and enjoy a great hanging space and organizer for jewelry and any other domestic accessories.

diy pallet jewelry organizer

reclaimed pallet jewelry holder

recycled pallet jewelry holder

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