DIY Mini Pallet Pot Rack

We just prepared a squared rim and frame of pallet wood and hooked it at four sides. We have added up to 8 metal hooks which are much heavy duty. This came up with a nice home purpose of DIY pallet mini pallet pot rack for kitchen utensils and pots. This can add a unique touch and functionality to your kitchen to raise it on modern desires. We have supported it with metal chains to be last in hanging. Chains can further be attached to roof rafters or hooks.

This DIY pallet kitchen rack is much flexible for custom build at home. You can scale it up and down according to space and area you have. This is just a one a simplest and most functional DIY pallet crafts which we have handcrafted yet. Make a copy of this profitable and advantageous pallet behavior and attain a chic utility component for kitchen for hanging alignment of kitchen pots and tools. The whole idea is free of cost in budget excluding the chains and hooks.

recycled pallet pot rack

reclaimed pallet pot rack

diy pallet pot rack

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