DIY Reclaimed Pallet Mirror

We have shared here very nice DIY pallet projects of creative wall art pattern, wall signs and also the spectacular wooden decors, this time we have another unique one that will also work both as a functional object and decorative wall art for you home wall areas! Yes, we are discussing about this DIY pallet mirror, made with a very short supply of pallet wood and comes with rustic look to give an antique touch to your interior walls.

You can simply buy a piece of mirror from local sales and stores and then just add a rustic boundary around it using the free of cost pallets and enjoy a visually attractive mirror on a budget for your bathroom or hallway walls. If you have really liked this stimulating mirror pattern and also want it for your blank home wall then reclaim the pallets and broken up piece of to get this nice design of accent wooden mirror!

recycled pallet mirror

reclaimed pallet mirror

rustic wooden pallet mirror

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