DIY Furniture Projects: Pallet Furniture Plans

The stylish and unique furniture accentuates the overall interior of any living room, bedroom, dining room or any other place in your house where you spend most of time with family by watching movies, enjoying coffee and attending family gatherings. With frequent use and seasonal changes, the furniture may wear and tear over time and it is always difficult to buy such an expensive item again and again. DIY furniture projects thus offer an affordable and stylish option for changing the entire look of the house. You can go with your creativity when making it by your own hands or getting it done from some professional.

The reclaimed, recycled and re purposed pallets offer exciting opportunities to creative people for giving their thoughts body and texture. It can be crafted into any furniture piece according to house interior as vintage or modern look. The pallets need to be washed off completely and dried in sun for killing expected bacteria. The sandpaper is then used to clear and smooth the surface. You will enjoy the process of dying the wooden pallets in single or multi colors.

Here are few ravishing ideas for using DIY pallets into beautiful and unique furniture projects:

• A stylish cabinet of bookcase can be made from DIY pallets with a little investment of time and money offering ample storage and counter space for keeping household items. It will not only enhance the interior of lounge or living room but also provides an organized place for keeping books, clock, computer, phone, decoration and mirror.

• The old bottle crates along with the used pallets can be transformed into a stylish coffee table or side table with a glass top. The base can be made from vertical pallet pieces to create a shadow box which can be exemplified with your own creative thoughts as small crystal and decoration items. With the addition of wheels under the table legs, this coffee table can be moved to indoor and outdoor location as required.

• The DIY wood can be used for the construction of a daybed or sofa from pallets to transform the look and appeal of any room. The pallets can be embellished with paint as paint fixes every error. By painting the whole furniture white and displaying a beautiful floral art with block print will give an earthy yet classic appearance.

• You can make use of pallets to form a poultry crate shaped table too. All you need is to sort out the exact space and measurement of wood and join them together with proper tools to establish a unique DIY furniture project. It will offer great place for placing large game boards, books and magazines.

The bed, racks, shelves, cabinets, doors, windows, gardens, planters, tables etc and what is not?? The list goes on when we talk about these projects. All that is important is to consider your own opinion, budget and requirement while going for these furniture projects to fit in your house.












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