Painted Pallet Wall Art – Wall Signs

Interior decors encircle a plenty of objects and types and wall lettering is one of them. Custom wall hanging signs and letter also work great in kid’s room especially in bedrooms. Select the pallet wood to go for custom wall signs for brilliant wall decors. These DIY pallet painted custom wall signs have exclusively been brought for you to show your name letter, love sayings and quotes on any of your walls.

Simply break a pallet board into a separated heap of individual pallet pieces and lengths and then customize those planks to display very first letter of your name, you dog name or your lover’s name! If you want something other and more brilliant then make a family rule chart using these boards or create a fab wall sign with custom over written quotes, love words or any moral sayings. All these brilliant suggestion will make bigger statements of your interior decors!

rustic pallet painted sings

repurposed pallet custom painted wall letter

recycled pallet painted wall letters

upcycled pallet painted letters

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