DIY Pallet Planter

While surfing the internet for some new DIY furniture to try out at this weekend we found this chic inspiration of DIY pallet planter which just compelled us to share this idea with you. The simplest method to use the worn and weather types of wood for crafting purposes is to change them in some easy and serviceable shapes just like this wooden pallet box. We just found two skids from then neighbor where mostly people throw such a pallet planks.

Then we finished the reconditioning of this wooden project through sanding with a medium grit of sandpaper. Create your own fun by reclaiming the pallet wood for furniture, home decors and wall arts which are all enough to change the ambiance of any living space. Such a garden planters held very best for home front porch, home deck and balcony decors with natural and sensational looks of self grown flowers.

recycled pallet planter

upcycled pallet planter

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