Pallet Jewelry Display Rack

Get cheap and chic solutions, for you immediate hanging needs from recycled pallet wood. We have made these antique DIY pallet jewelry display racks for necklaces, clothes, scarf, handbags and other conveniences to be hanged on it. We have made this wall furniture in length of 18” inch in length wise. You can go with in more cozy and smarter ways by customizing your own suitable length choice. This can be immediately your coat rack in the entry way or hall way of your home.

We have accomplished our hanging needs through hooks, choose some stylish you like from some hardware store. These hooks also give metallic touch and shine to the whole model. Get it at home on a budget just with some old, discarded and rustic wood like pallet which is easily accessible.

recycled pallet wall hangerSubmitted By: Rex Dockery

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