DIY Pallet Metal Candle Holder

If you really like the cottage or farmhouse style of living then this light gift will be really according addition to any of both styles. We have reclaimed the pallet wood to get this prehistoric DIY pallet metal candle holder for home wall accent. You can find such an metal strips from some industrial scrap of home if you get it from home then mix it with pallet wood to have some gorgeous light gifts.

This DIY pallet project is the simplest one but has highly decorative impacts. We have welded a round metallic ring to the metal slat to hold a glass as candle holder. You can prepare a number of such a candle holder to have a really vintage and antique feel of home environment. Just go for a home scrap diving to have some well defined and workable objects for practical yield of such great DIY pallet ideas which make bigger compliments.

recycled pallet metal candle holder

reclaimed pallet metal candle holder

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