Rustic Pallet Kitchen Coffee and Tea Rack

Home Kitchen always demands some extra storage units, shelves and rack to store well the kitchen paraphernalia. If you find the manufactured storage units and plan unaffordable then you can give a try to pallets to construct your own designs of kitchen shelves and racks for a functional behavior of your kitchen. Take a glance on this handmade DIY pallet kitchen coffee and tea rack which is very best to support your tea or coffee jars and also tea pots and utensils. This nice scheme has been planned out of pallets and can be differed in purpose.

You can also use it as an entry way organizer and bottom hooks can be used to hang your coats, handbags and other accessories for sure. This DIY pallet rack design has been designed especially for kitchen walls and you can hang your coffee mugs at bottom panel this will really give your kitchen more space to store more things in minimal space.

recycled pallet kitchen tea and coffee rack

reclaimed pallet tea and coffee rack

repurposed pallet coffee andl tea rack

diy pallet kitchen tea and coffee rack

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