Pallet Vegetable Storage Rack

Vegetables are quite nutrient and important for our health and they should be consumed at daily basis. But make sure that the vegetables you eat are fresh so that they make a positive impact on your health. When you buy your favorite vegetable from the market and bring them home there should be safe and hygienic storage of them in the kitchen.

And for this purpose you can build this diy pallet vegetable storage rack that would cost you none as it has been reclaimed from the wonder wood pallet. Its three layers of racks would allow you to hold a lot of vegetable items at a time and its gorgeous look would add a much to your kitchen decor. It’s staining in the beach shades of white and blue would bring light and gentle tones in your kitchen embellishing making and eye candid look with organized and well settled appearance.

Wooden pallet vegetable storage rack
This utterly gorgeous and extremely functional pallet vegetable storage rack has been introduced to you so that you build one for your kitchen to let it look organized and well settled.
pallet vegetable storage rack
With three tiers of racks you can hold maximum vegetables and fruits in it, it would take a less piece of space and would even fit in the corners with its slim and sleek design.

Here is another Idea you can do Perfectly with Pallets:

pallet vegetable rack

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