Rustic Pallet Fruit Stand

Food is our life line and we consume it through different items and fruits are the most healthy and most frequently eaten ingredient of our regular diet. So they should be kept in safe and hygienic environment so that they don’t get infected by germs. And kitchen is the best and apt place for their holding and with this DIY pallet fruit stand, you can give them a very secure housing and giving your kitchen a very immaculate and organized look.

The stand comes with two tiers of racks upon each other, having a lot depth and space inside to keep a dozens of your seasonal fruits in them. Being reclaimed from pallets the rack is very safe to use as the pallet wood is very Eco friendly, free from all types of chemicals. And if you find pallet wood from the dumps then don’t forget to wash and clean the pallets well before crafting this beautiful and functional stand out of it.

pallet fruit basket
Fruits are essential to keep us healthy and fit that is why they should also be stored in a very healthy and safe way in your kitchen, this pallet fruit stand would provide a perfect housing to your nutrient fruits.
diy pallet fruit basket
This pallet fruit stand comprises of tow storage racks build over each other and supported with pallet slats at both sides.You can stain it in any shade to make it matched with your kitchen decor and theme.

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