Pallet Storage Basket

Pallet wood can give a fetching style and blend to you living on a budget. The things to make out of pallet wood are never ending as you can use the pallet wood for any furniture purpose of home to stay on a budget. By using some odds and ends of pallet wood remains we have restored this rustic DIY pallet storage basket with an amusing handle to pick it up.

You can use this basket for a variety of purposes for storage and home decorative plans. To give it a handle to lift it up we have used the wooden dowel stick by drilling some holes in according size. Use it as to hold the spice jars for you dining table and it would also carry you beverage items while going out for a picnic. If you make it filled with some arresting and visually attractive types of flowers you will also find a living room centerpiece out of this rustic basket.

recycled pallet storage basket

upcycled pallet storage basket

repurposed pallet basket

handcrafted pallet basket

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