DIY Wood Pallet Outdoor Cooler

We enjoy great outdoor gatherings in summers to get ourselves enjoyed and entertained in deadly hot days. To keep your beverage items cool for a long time we have given a most economical idea to you using the retired pallet skids. We have redone the pallets to create this vintage DIY pallet outdoor cooler setup for outdoor picnics and parties. Old tin sheet has been used to provide a great rustic look at its front. We have fitted inside the medium size of igloo cooler and featured the lower wooden pallet portion for perfect water drainage.

We have carefully fixed the top of the cooler in the wooden frame and then hinged it in such a way that it beautifully sits on the lower portion of cooler. The behavior of this pallet furniture is much unique and unexampled and can get bigger compliments. Do make a copy of this DIY pallet craft to enjoy an outdoor setup too keep cool your beverage items.

recycled pallet outdoor cooler

rustic pallet outdoor cooler

repurposed pallet outdoor cooler

resurrected pallet outdoor cooler

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