Pallet Corner Sofa and Media Wall

The decor modifications can award your spaces a more handsome and over whelming look if done with a little creativity and smart thought. And to realize this dream of revamping your home interior you have to ponder upon the changing of the furniture first and you can start with the living area which is actually your social hub. Hold on if you are thinking this process of restyling the home decor to be expensive and out of your financial reach then let me just calm you with the statement that it would all happen at no cost at all.

Yes you heard me right using the recycling pallets you can build this DIY pallet sofa and media wall in your living and thus enjoying a cheap yet functional renovation of the living spaces. The sofa has been shaped up using the pallet slats having luxurious backrests and wheels at the ends. The media wall has been achieved by the stacking of some long slats together with a gap between to let you hang your plasma screen on. Stained in brown shade a rustic touch has been added to the items to let you enjoy a spruced up living space.

wooden pallet media wall and sofa
This pallet media wall and the sofa can work like a renovation project for your living room spaces converting them from dull and boring to fully modern and facilitated.
Repurposed pallet sofa
Here comes the sofa which has been yielded from the wide and creative stacking of the pallet slats and planks to each other with a few layers to enjoy a moderate height from the ground.
diy pallet sofa
The sofa has been raised with a backrest and an arms at the sides and an ottoman like structure has been added to this sofa at the left to make it extend and have that L shape.
Recycled pallet media wall
Here is the beauty media wall which has been quite easily and nice built from the slats of the pallets yoked to each other. This would hold your plasma screen and other things related to media on the shelves at the left.
pallet sofa
The pallet sofa has been stained in brown shade to look a bit rustic and then it has been made to stand on the wheels for easy mobility and industrial touch. The comfort and style has been enhanced more the lovely cushions on it.

Made by: Moveis de Pallet

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