Pallet Wall Hanging Media Stand

You should be broad minded while intending to work with pallets, more you will think out of the box more ideas will be sure to come your mind! Pallets are all friendly for pallet furniture construction while being in uncut form or in totally dismantled form! Checkout this example of DIY pallet wall hanging media stand, made of only one removed dice section of a pallet boards, would you believe it? This is all true, a separated apart dice section, having already some openings in it, has been modified a little using extra wood to get a wall hanging media stand setup!

The openings have been recovered into amazing storage option to secure the books, gaming tools and CDs! Using modern hardware hanging systems, the whole setup has been installed on wall for amazing display! This is the slimmest, cheapest and simplest ever media stand made with hands at a zero cost prize!

wooden pallet wall hanging media stand
This is very innovative concept here, a useless separated apart pallet dice section has been installed to a wall area to perform as a wall hanging media stand! opening in pallets length has been covered using extra wood and hence been changed into drawers to store the respective items!
handmade wooden pallet wall hanging TV stand
Perfect and stable wall mount has been created using latest hardware hanging system which you can easily grab from a nearby hardware store! This setup has been done just on the wall about the fireplace and you can choose any destination or wall area to setup this slim wall mounting media stand!

30 Furniture out of Pallets

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