DIY Pallet Ceiling Light

Pallet wood is not only special for easing furniture constructions; there are much more great stories of their extraordinary brilliant uses in home. We are sharing here a nice one. Checkout this DIY pallet ceiling light fixture, pallet wood has nicely been reclaimed to provide the enclosed rustic wooden boundary to the light for a sharp focus. You can even build the DIY pallet chandeliers which we have also shared here to get your home artistically illuminated with wooden light fixtures. Simply restyle the pallet boards to have a bigger box like shape to get this nice ceiling light.

The entire weight of this wooden box has been supported with metallic chairs that have strongly been held on ceiling. DIY pallet boxes are really great for a home lover, he can use them as easy to install DIY pallet wall shelves, or can turn them into toys or storage chests and can also shape up the garden planters out of them.

recycled pallet ceiling light

repurposed pallet ceiling light

handcrafted pallet ceiling light

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