Pallet Bookcase Tutorial

Books are ever precious for readers and book lovers. Having expensive cupboards for books is hard to afford for everyone. Pallet art provides excellent opportunity to have pallet bookcase for minimal charges. There are many options for pallet bookcase diy that are practicable for even a common person and do not need extra skills and expense. Different types of pallets can be used to create pallet bookcase such as old wood pieces, wood from old broken furniture and any other type of reclaimed wood that is available. You may find many pallet bookcase plans by market survey or on internet that can be helpful to create a design especially for you by blending one or more designs. Here is simple course of action to follow for making pallet bookcase.

Bookcase made from pallets

Pallet Bookcase Plans Instructions:

  • Make pallets and necessary tools available for work. Make a decision about bookcase size as per your need. A bookcase having 44” x 45” x 12” dimensions is of a standard size and can manage plenty of books in it you can customize it.
  • Sort out the pallets according to their sizes. Fix 44” and 49” pallets in a rectangle shape that will serve as the basic frame.
  • Add shelves in this frame according to the size of your books and seal them with glue and nails.
  • Fix pallets of 45” length with multiple width sizes at the back of frame for making it secure from back.
  • Sand all the surfaces to remove any harmful element and apply varnish coats to protect your wooden pallet bookcase against moisture of atmosphere and other damaging agents.
  • You may apply paint on the pallet bookcase according to your choice and can draw different patterns on it.
  • At the back of bookcase hooks can be fixed for mounting it on the wall.

Bookcase made from pallets

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