DIY Reclaimed Pallet Bed Frame

To wake with a smile in the morning is a great blessing and it possible only when we have a comfortable and luxurious bed to sleep on. And wrong is the perception that only the hefty and market bought beds are the only comfort beds available. We are here to prove that even the low cost beds can be as functional and beautiful as a branded bed and to make you believe we are here with this DIY pallet bed frame. The bed has been gained through the recycling handling of the pallets which are lying uselessly in our surroundings.

These pallets have been cut down into pallet slats of and long and shot lengths to install the bed frame and the pallet headboard accordingly. Make this pallet bed frame an accomplished bed with a comfy mattress and pillows on it and also making it stained in the matching colors of your bedroom decor.

pallet bed frame
Beds are the most desired and most longed for items in the furnishing range as we have sweet and comfort sleep over it and this pallet bed frame would surely help you to get more relaxed and happy sleeps.
diy pallet bed frame
Long and thick in fiber pallet slats have been cut out of the pallets to form the middle part of the bed on which we sleep. and then customized pieces of planks have been stacked to shape up the headboard for a stylish and accomplished bed.
Wooden pallet bed frame
The pallet bed would be complete with some coats of matching stains over it relative to your bed room decor and comfy mattress letting you sleep with more comfort so that you wake up fresh enjoying goo sleeping hours.

Made by Esprit Loft Recup

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