DIY Green Cushioned Pallet Bed / Daybed

Beds are on much higher rates when you buy them from the market, why not you are making use of pallet wood if you have short budget. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet bed out of shipping pallet skids which can make you relaxed to a desired extent. We have also used some hardware to give it an industrial look and make it sturdy. We have raised it to a certain height and it will also work remarkably as a DIY pallet daybed at your porch or patio.

Enjoy reading books on this pleasurable design of pallet bed. To make it full of comfort we have added to it a heavy duty mattress which gives it just perfect look to be royal looking bed. If you minus the price of cushion from it the whole framework is just free of cost and easily manageable with pallet wood. Make a copy of this stunning DIY pallet bed frame to fee the worth of this miniature pallet bed.

recycled pallet cushioned bed

reclaimed pallet cushioned bed

repurposed pallet cushioned pallet bed

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