DIY Pink Painted Pallet Pet Bed

Pallet wood can also do some amazing things to keep your pets well. A separate resting place and a playing area are always required to keep your pet happy and healthy. Check out this DIY wooden pallet pet bed for your female dog to get her nicely slept over the night in a separate place. While being in mood you dog can also play with rustic light weight wooden bed painted in arresting pink shade. If you want to provide real comfort to your cat and dog this DIY pallet pet bed would be a perfect solution to meet your unique desires and needs.

Just make a squared boundary with a relaxing bottom by using some handpicked pallet slats and make it sanded to make the wood grains stand out and smooth to touch. Vary the color them according to desire and you are done! Provide the mattress or cushion to make it highly comfortable for resting hours of your pet.

recycled pallet painted pet bed

pink painted pallet pet bed

reclaimed pallet pet bed

rustic pallet pet bed

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