7 DIY Pallet Headboard Ideas

DIY Pallet headboard Made entirely from recycled pallet wood, this headboard is surely going to color your dreams. The headboard is an attachment accessory to the bed made from pallet planks. Two leg posts secure and support the planks and goes at the head of the bed. Its style lies in the mixed and matched plank size emphasized by the varying colors. Leaving out the sanding process gives a rugged look that has a rough appeal. The finish is the distressing effect of the paint. This look is suitable for almost any room decor and accompanied with crisp plain one-color sheets, the DIY headboard really blends in well.

DIY Pallet Headboard Ideas

Pallet Headboard Ideas

Pallet Headboard

DIY Pallet Headboard

diy headboard

diy wood pallet headboard

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