Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table

It is much handy to deal with pallets while constructing them for new useful shapes and furniture designs. Table is the most handcrafted component of furniture out of pallet wood as we need it everywhere in home. Now we are with this Upcycled pallet coffee table which has been raised in standard dimensions of a table and has purely been repurposed out of pallets. There is a wide DIY pallet shelf underneath that can welcome any object of home for secured storage.

Make it a part of your living room sitting to support the dishes, coffee mugs and other items of interest while being seated on living room couch. The design is full of rustic wood character and can add a vintage touch to any home segment and portion. This easy-to-build pallet table has been sanded, then stained and finally sealed with few coats of polyurethane to get a waterproof and crystal clear nature appearance of it.

recycled pallet coffee table

handcrafted pallet coffee table

revamped pallet coffee table

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