Rustic Design Pallet End Table

Here we shall tell you that what kind of magic you can do by using just some old wood, some metal pipes and some of floor flanges! Just bring them together in a creative arrangement and get a hart-to-beat side table for your living room, that’s the magic! This DIY pallet industrial end table is just right kind of project we are talking about and costs you just nothing! Some of wood from dismantled pallet boards have been reprocessed to build up a cozy top of the table that has been made seated on 4 metal pipe legs for a convincing table design and look!

To make the table conveniently stand in a fashionable style, each metal pipe leg has been finished with a floor flange fixed the end! Wooden top of the table has been sanded smooth, stained and has also been finished with polyurethane for a nice semi gloss finish! Table is ready just to serve as an accent table, a sofa side table and as a hallway decorative table!

reclaimed pallet and metal pipe end table

repurposed pallet end table with metal pipe legs

reclaimed pallet end table with metal legs

diy industrial pallet end table

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