Pallet Recycled Coffee Table / Dining Table

Have a closed view of this tantalizing DIY pallet project to make yourself interested in pallet wood recycling. This chic type of pallet table will surely stimulate the inner craft in you. This hand build DIY pallet coffee table has a custom design and dimensions and has been just made to last! The top beautifully stands on two beefy box shaped legs that are the unique part of the structure for this overcoming style of table. Different colors and wood tones give it a galvanic effect that can hold attention of any one at a very first glance.

Start from dismantling the pallets then make the pallet lengths gritted and varnished to reach this super functional and stable design of table. Nice assembly always matters a lot for a lasting structure of DIY pallet furniture so use the glue, nails and stain for more strength and stability. This is really a genius DIY pallet idea as you will also get a housewarming gift along with a sturdy table.

recycled pallet coffee table

upcycled pallet rustic coffee table

reclaimed pallet coffee table with box like flat legs

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