Pallet Garden and Lounge Coffee Table

Pallet wood is a great subject to work on as its feasible nature can easily be converted into a functional shape of furniture. To get the furniture easily and with lasting sturdiness, you may prefer the pallets as they are free of cost and have no further functional use after getting retired from the ships. If you really want some prominent designs of pallet wood furniture then check this pallet garden and lounge coffee table having a cornered drawer underneath. This stunning type of pallet table ideas has been brought in dominant phase with clever use of glass top and metallic casters at the bottom panel.

These chic additions trigger the table to be a visually attractive centerpiece for any of your sitting plan. Rustic character is highlighted on each portion of the table that is responsible for its truly vintage and mid century inspired nature. This wisely done DIY pallet project has a great structure of a table which you can avail too by getting the pallets.

recycled pallet garden and lounge table

rustic pallet coffee table with drawer

handcrafted pallet garden and lounge coffee table

handmade pallet coffee table

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