Pallet Coffee Table with Vintage Wheels

We found a highly weather shipping skid lying in the junk yard. We found that signs of wear and tear will be perfect to give it a mid century inspired look. You can call it a reborn pallet as we have given it a functional utility purpose again. We have reclaimed that pallet to make this DIY pallet ultra rustic coffee table with vintage wheels and is really special to add a vintage touch to your living room. We have used the mid century inspired big wheels for rear part of the table and front has been featured with a little bit small casters, so it can more faster now!!

If this worn wooden appeal has made you inspired then you can also make it cloned at home in much better way as this pallet project is just free from lots of cutting and lots of measurement. Simply make your pallet nail free and sand it to eradicate the splinters and to allow a gracious shine on wood grains. Then just reinstall it into this beautiful vintage DIY pallet industrial table to look for numerous home purposes out of it.

recycled pallet vintage coffee table

reclaimed rustic pallet coffee table

handmade pallet vintage coffee table

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