DIY Upcycled Pallet Retro Coffee Table

Many of us are still addicted to past living trend and also the furniture styles. You can surely go to meet you unique desires of old furniture styles with pallet wood. Yes, it much possible by recycling of pallets. This simple DIY pallet retro styled coffee table comes on wheels and is a perfect imitation of recent past tables. It is just perfect to manage the living room table decors and also goes very truly to meet your food or beverage serving demands. It has been sanded smooth for a soft touch and has been assembled with nails and glue.

Two levels gives enough space for storage inside of it and it will really come in handy to store your books, mobile phones, TV remotes and even the newspaper underneath. Get it inside your living room or enjoy it as a central table for your terrace, garden or home deck sitting plans, it would be functional and purposeful in either way of use.

recycled pallet retro styled coffee table

repurposed pallet coffee table with wheels

upcycled pallet coffee table

handcrafted pallet retro styled coffee table

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