DIY Rustic Pallet Stained Coffee Table

The easiest thing you can made with pallets is the table. Every design and style of table you want, can be imitated with pallet so nicely that you will just love to live with that finished product. Wooden mastery in now in your reach, check out our big list of DIY pallet furniture ideas that are all lush with inspirational wooden techniques and creative plans to make you get with the most functional and eyeful designs of self-made furniture. This DIY pallet stained coffee table is also a super quick design of table that you can get in no time by recycling the pallet wood.

After making the pallets well cleaned, they are further altered, disassembled and refinished to gain this young and sturdy looking layout of table. The assembly of this DIY pallet patio table has been done with glue and screws and so it can live last! For a more stable structure and gentle looking finished product, this handmade pallet table has been stained with hands that is also a good choice to vary the hue of table!

upcycled pallet coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table

handcrafted pallet coffee table

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