DIY Reclaimed Old Pallet Rustic yet Modern Coffee Table

Wood should always be recycled no matter you are getting it in any form. Recycling of wood reduce the danger of tree cutting that are highly important for this entire universe. Here comes a big source of wood in shape of pallets which can be given a second more life by the way of recycling. Genius people around the globe have been some spectacular wooden project with these pallets which we share with you everyday to make you inspired of pallet wood crafting and recycling. This time we are with this DIY pallet rustic yet modern coffee table that has also been perfectly built up with pallets.

Top of this handmade pallet table comes with so many different textures by making an awesome use of separated pallet boards to shape up the top of the table. Side boards of pallet skids have been used as legs of the table and have been cut down to sizes for a standard height of the table. Wood has been stained and sanded smooth for a rustic yet modern finish!!!

rustic yet modern pallet coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table

handmade pallet wooden coffee table

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