DIY Pallet Moon Dance Coffee Table

Have you ever thought that the furnishing items can be romantic? I know it sounds strange but it’s a beautiful truth and to make you believe we have with us this DIY pallet moon dance coffee tables. Imagine a full moon night and you are dancing with your beloved partner under the silvery moon light with your hearts fill with sheer joy and utter romance. This beautiful moment has been gorgeously captured on this coffee table so that you feel romantic with every sitting around it in your garden or patio space.

The table top has been reclaimed from pallet lumbers with a u- shaped leggy support on each side. The most dominant and enchanting effect of the table is the replicate of the moon dance with a variety of colors. Black stain for the night and couple, and whit paint for the lovely full moon and stenciled ‘’ A marvelous night with a Moon dance’’. The remaining table top has been covered with rustic brown shade and the legs in sky blue to make it a personalized item.

12 DIY Pallet Coffee Tables with Instructions

recycled pallet coffee table with moon dance print

handmade wooden pallet lumber moon dance coffee table

repurposed pallet wooden accent table

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