DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Round Base

Coffee tables should not only good look; they must be versatile too to bring some out standing features in your living spaces. If you are also looking for an individualistic coffee table for your living area, then you must peek at this DIY pallet round coffee table, a customized piece of pallet wood. The top of the table is unusual in design than common found coffee tables, as it has been treated with tiles for a unique and sturdy holding of your items on it.

Another trendy and stand out feature of the table is one leggy support, which has been maneuver from the combination of pallet log and some pallet bands, covering the table nicely. Sitting and enjoying coffee on the table would make you feel like you are in some restaurant for its exquisite and professional composition on modern lines and pattern. The table is stained in dark cocoa shade with some protective layers to make it a beautiful and must have item for your patio.

diy pallet coffee table with solid round base

pallet coffee table with thick round base

reclaimed pallet coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table

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