DIY Pallet Coffee Table with 2 Levels

The best way to reuse those rustic pallets in home is to build sturdy layouts of furniture elements with them. Yes, this is much possible and you can do in so many different and unique ways. You can take this example of DIY pallet coffee table, built to last and comes with two levels to be extra in functionality. Table is full of wooden character and look pretty antique and vintage inspired due to rustic imperfections, wooden knots and dings of pallet wood.

Search the discarded material piles, shipping areas, junky yards and dumping grounds for a good supply of pallet wood and let your inner creative person go wild to create something new and extraordinary brilliant out of them. This handmade pallet coffee table would be awesome and functional in either way of use and would be amazingly compatible to your open patio environment or cozy ambiance of your living room.

reclaimed pallet coffee table with 2 levels

handcrafted pallet coffee table

recycled pallet coffee table

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