DIY 6 Crates Pallet Black Coffee Table

There are plenty of utilitarian and highly serviceable objects, hidden in the useless wood and things around you and you just need a creative eye and thinking to get them out of them. Here we are with a favorable of example of it, we have stacked together 6 crates that were empty and were just to thrown in the home dumpster and garbage bin, the results surprised us a lot, it came up with a nice and overwhelming DIY pallet crate coffee table having side pockets too for storage.

Inner left out space can give you the great garnishing and embellishment purpose to make it a center of attention in the living room. You can use 4 crates for a squared pallet table pattern for coffee and beverage support. This is what we call simple but nice, this rustic piece of pallet furniture carries the same and will compliment great to any seating plan.

recycled pallet crate coffee table

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