Custom Wood Pallet Coffee Table

A coffee table is what that acts as a centerpiece for any sitting plan or sofa set! This considered the most worthy piece of living room furniture as we always need it there to create a gossip friendly environment! To make all the home lovers get this most vital piece of living room furniture, the DIY pallet department has just amazing surprises and offers, just restore the pallets simply and get your own favorite design of coffee table without spending too much of your dollar bills!

This DIY custom pallet coffee table is just mind-blowing and excellent example here and come in shabby chic avatar that will rock in respective living room environments! It has been integrated with well sanded pallet planks and tight fittings have been done to gain the table as a lasting longer wooden entity! Few thin coats of white wash just bring a shabby chic character to it and dual toned wooden nature which is still visible thought white wash coats, makes it more focally stimulating!

wooden pallet coffee table
A pallet table with the simple table top and four legs is the most common yet the most favorite design liked most by the people and is damn too easy to build from the pallets as one is above in the picture recycled from the free found pallets.
handmade pallet coffee table
The coffee table is really feasible to be targeted from the pallets if you have some experience of handling the tools as you would have to cut pallet slat piece and then stack them together using nails to form the table top and to insert the legs.
low-cost wooden pallet coffee table
The rustic and the marked surface of the pallet coffee table has been made invisible by getting the coffee table stained in the white coating layers making it look really and elegant and decent piece for your living or outdoors.

Made by: Namestaj od paleta petrovic

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