Wooden Pallet Coat Rack with Bookshelf

In winters we are loaded with heavy clothing like coats, caps, mufflers, scarves etc and after coming back we hurriedly unload ourselves from the heavy clothing and look for some proper space to hang our coats and caps on. That is why an entrance space of the house should always be equipped with a coat organizer so that you don’t have to hang your coats on the back of your sofa or chair. Coat racks are one of the items which are damn too easy to be made at home of your own.

And here we have brought to you this DIY pallet coat rack so that you can enjoy a rustic and functional organizer for your foyer. The rack is too simple and easy to be yielded out of the pallet slats which have been dismantled from the pallet skids with saw work. These slats have been intricately packed to each other forming a slim and sleek rack with metal hooks nailed at equal distance. It also makes space at the back to hold some of your books and magazines too and its brown finish is to accentuate your entrance decor.

pallet coat organizer
A pallet coat organizer is one of the must haves of the foyer or the entrance so now you can make a cheap or cost free coat organizer like thin one in the picture using the pallets and a few metal hooks along with your tools.
diy pallet coat organizer
TO shape up this cute and functional pallet coat rack pallet wood has been dismantled into small and long pallet slats which have been then stacked to each other in vertical and horizontal pattern using glue and nails too.
Recycled pallet coat organizer
This smart design of the coat rack would let you hold and hang your coats, caps, scarf on the hooks and apart from that you can also hold your books and magazines on the horizontal part of the rack to make the most out of it.
Wooden pallet coat organizer
The rustic finish of the pallet coat rack would really add a natural woody appeal to the place you would mount this coat tack on and it can be made to look matched with the home decor by getting stained int he matching hues of paint.

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