Pallet Wood Garden Planter

We reached the pallet wood in garden too, for serviceable and utilitarian uses. Pallet wood is servi ng in multiple ways in garden to tone it up to fashion and to get modernized. Now there is trend to make wooden walkways, this step for garden beauty can nicely be done with pallet wood. We are making different types of pallet potting tables for garden knickknacks.

This type we have added a great accent to our garden in this shape of DIY pallet garden planter. The pallet wood we found from rubbish piles has been subjected to some creative cuts through hand saw to adopt this wooden box shape with short tiny legs. After making it fill with potting soil it would work great to spice up you garden. The is also a great wooden delight and blessing to make that overwhelming models of DIY pallet vertical gardens and DIY pallet garden beds.

recycled pallet garden planter

reclaimed pallet planter

wooden pallet planter box

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