Pallet and Lumber Kitchen Island!

Old and used stuff is always around you to recycle! Pallets and lumber are two wood types that can be found in abundance and have awesome potential to be recycled over and over again! Pallets are becoming the most favorite in DIY world and they are feasible nature for awesome furniture construction, is always appreciated! Checkout this salvaged piece of DIY pallet kitchen island, handcrafted at home using rustic pallets and a little lumber!

A kitchen island is a vitally important item to put in every kitchen interior and now you can access it for free! Dismantle the pallets and get your favorite wooden lengths to plan the targeted furniture structure! Same has been done in this case of kitchen island table, the table comes with a beefy wooden top while the base has totally been made storage-friendly! The base offers different shelving levels and a mid side storage cabinet and also provides a drawer to store the knives and cooking tools!

handcrafted pallet and lumber kitchen island

pallet and lumber kitchen island

wooden pallet and lumber kitchen island

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