Euro Pallet Dog Bed

Pallets are grabbing the attention of pet lovers as they are damn good to build pet stuff! People are creating adorable pet houses, bird cages, chicken coops and also amazing dog houses with pallets! However, you can also target the pallets to facilitate eating and sleeping of your pets like dogs and cats! To make your dog sleep comfortably this DIY pallet dog bed would really rock, comes in extra large dimensions and decorative boundary walls having random ups and downs!

This is what that would keep your safe from cold floors in winters and would make a separate resting place for your dog! Some easy fittings have been done using pallets slats that results into this super sturdy layout of dog bed, no-cost and lasting dog bed, this is what you need to grab instantly! The addition of cushion would just make your dog a bit more comfortable would avoid your dog from getting cold!

wooden pallet dog bed
Bring the pallets into this new shape of dog bed by going through a deconstruction and reconstruction process of them! Here removed pallet slats have been packed tight to yield this sturdy dog bed design having adorable decorative edging!
recycled pallet dog bed
Finally the comfy cushion has been added to comfy up the bed design and hence your dog can even jump on this handmade wooden bed! Small metal wheels has also been added to start a rolling movement of it!

Submitted By: Esprit Loft Recup

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