DIY Pallet Dog Feeding Stand

Every pet loving home needs a perfect plan for dog feeding to avoid that rubbish and random scattering of food during eating by a dog or cat. Don’t wait any more and keeps your home neat and clean by making a copy of this DIY pallet dog feeding stand with steel bowl fixed in it. You can feed almost three dogs at one time. We found the pallet in board shape, and we strip them in less than half of an hour. Then we framed this sophisticated stand within no time in just simple and easy steps.

The wooden imperfections and knots have been made hidden with overly paint color which is yummy creamy shade. The hand gritting and filling the wooden cavities with patina also did a great favor to spice up the wooden surface. This is an intelligent piece of wooden crafting and recycling and offers a very cheap budget plan, which is the specialty of pallet wood and held dear to all of us.

recycled pallet dog feeding stand

reclaimed pallet dog feeding stand

upcycled pallet dog feeding stand

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