How to Make Wooden Pallet Coasters

The pallet coasters are an effective option when it comes to their building and they serve well while protecting your coffee table. You can make the one at home from little everyday use things and a little planning:

How to Make Pallet Coasters


All you need is following materials for crafting a pallet coaster:

1. Glue Gun
2. Craft and Glue Sticks
3. Wood Stain
4. Stain Brush
5. Scissors
6. Knife or blade


1 – The craft sticks are needed for completing the pallet coasters project with the help of Glue gun and glue sticks to secure and hold them at place.
2 – The ends of the craft sticks are cut and trimmed to make them square and equal sized to give an equal size to the coaster.
3 – Select a wood stain of your personal choice and stain the sticks with brush completely to add color and appeal.
4 – The pallet coaster is started making joining the sticks to the pallet together with the help of hot glue gun in an even manner going for a square shape.
5 – Unless and until all the sticks are kept together, continue the process of gluing to join them effectively to stay over time.
6 – The craft knife can be used to remove the dried glue from sides to give a final finish and stained again for more clear touch.
7 – Place your pallet coasters on coffee table and a cup of coffee or drink on it with no chance of damaging the table.

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