Wooden Pallet Bed on Wheels

We are here for an important announcement that will just be a blasting good news to all homey persons and also to those of pallet lovers! This is good news is that already made skids of pallets now can be used directly to install fantastic wooden beds, the most expensive and luxury item of furniture! Find it all true by taking a look at this DIY pallet wood bed, made of two bigger pallet boards, flat packed and assembled with hardware for a single solid bed frame! Both the skids have been well cleaned first and have also been got splinter free to avoid any type of hand or leg injuries!

Final clear satin coats and make the wooden surface shine well and also protect the wood grains for an extra long functional life! Crystal clear glass hardware wheels have been installed to its bottom side to make it look more fantastic and industrial and also to make it touch-to-move! Just put a mattress over and enjoy a super stable, modern and free of cost bed for your newly made, remodeled and renovated bedrooms!

handmade pallet bed with wheels

sleek 2 pallet bed on wheels

handmade wooden pallet bed on wheels

handmade pallet bed on wheels

rolling bed made of pallets

Made by: Feito de Paletes

42 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs

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