Rustic Pallet Bed for Kids

When pallet wood is lying in the natural surrounding for a long period of time it gets decayed and damaged having some aged marks on the surface and a change in the wooden surface tone. And to use such distressed and aging pieces of pallets for your furniture project would end up as a mind blowing rustic piece to add oodles of charm and accent in your interiors.

And this DIY rustic pallet bed has been made with the same weathered pieces of the pallets along with some fresh pallets featuring a small headboard, foot board and a side board to hold some of your utilities at night on it. The pallet bed has been left unfinished so that the rustic appeal and the natural aesthetic appeal of the bed is not faded away and you enjoy a fully gorgeous and unique bed to sleep on with a foamy and cozy mattress on it.

Wooden pallet rustic bed
If you go to find some pallets and you get some damaged and a little decayed piece of the pallets then bring them home as they would be used to make this wonderful rustic bed for your gorgeous bedroom.
diy pallet rustic bed
The whole bed set up with the little raised headboard, a side board and the bed frame has been build with the small and large size pallet pieces being very nicely and smartly packed together so which is really simple and easy to do yourself at home.
pallet rustic bed
This rustic bed would make a very stand out appearance in your modernly decorated and painted bedroom adding some natural beauty and some aesthetic value to your bedroom decor with gorgeous bed sheets on it.

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