Recycled Pallet Bed with Headboard

A bed without a head board is something that is not acceptable as it somehow gives us the feeling of having an non-accomplished bed for our bedrooms. The reason is the headboard is now considered the integral part of a bed structure without which a bed is incomplete in its beauty and functionality too. So here we present you this DIY pallet bed with headboard revealing a very simple design which would be very easy to contrive at home.

Just grab some pallets from your surrounding and bring them under your saw to get cut into larger and smaller pallet slat pieces to shape up the bed frame and headboard respectively be getting compactly stacked to each other. Being made from the recycling pallets the bed would be a cost free and strenuous free project to do at home so hurry to copy these “DIY Pallet Bed Ideas” and enjoy a wooden appeal and rustic charm in your bedroom decor.

handmade pallet bed with headboard
A bed is the center part of every bedroom decor and dwelling so better make it look accomplished and well crafted just like this pallet bed which comes with a headboard piece at the back having a complete decorative look to rock your bedroom space.
Wooden pallet bed with headboard
Pallet long and thick slats have been used to shape up or install the bed frame while the small and long mixed pieces have been yoked and packed together very tightly to shape up this headboard with rustic marks and tints on the surface thus accentuating your bedrooms decor a little more with rusticity.

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