Pallet Platform Bed with Nightstands

The modern pallet projects has so been flourished that it is helping everyone to avoid almost all the expensive purchases of home furniture! What you think the most expensive in home furniture? It is surely going to be a bed and this luxurious furniture item would just be right at your hand for free if you are creative enough in your thinking, just hold your breath, presenting here this DIY no-cost wooden pallet bed, having also a nightstand installed to each side! The entire frame has been made with pallets which have been cut, modified and trimmed down accordingly for custom compositions of bed components!

The mid side is made of market-bought bed apparatus and you can also reclaim the old bed components if have any! Go handmade with pallets and yield a king, toddler or queen size bed and just put your life on a functional and luxurious track without spending too much from your wallet! Pallet nightstands also come with custom drawers to hold your night conveniences and supports safely!

pallet platform bed with nightstands
Custom platform bed is all here to make your nightstands, this is here how you can live the luxury with pallets by doing some custom but handy wooden operations!
repurposed pallet platform bed
Due to addition of modified pallet dice sections and whole pallet boards, the bed frame comes with slim pockets or cubby style openings on each side which can creatively be used for incredible storage options!
handmade wooden pallet platform bed
Go wisely while installing the mid section of the bed as it is really precision taking! Just get a bit crafty with pallets if need to clone this bed for your newly built bedroom!
no-cost pallet king platform bed with nightstands
EPAL pallets have been selected to compose this platform model of bed as they are always sturdier and most importantly heat treated ones! Paint the bed and just give it a foam mattress finish to get it ready for your dreamy nights!

Made by: S.L.-Loftart

42 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs

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