Wood Pallet Wall Art / Paneling

Add some pleasant and fresh looking art pieces in your home decor than the boring dull paintings which are not so famous now. People are turning to the rustic and natural kind of embellishing to enjoy some traditional vibes in their modernly build and deigned homes. And what can be more rustic and natural than your very own pallets and being super feasible to work with the pallets are favorite crafting source of every creative and crafting person.

And for the newer and creative kind of wall art pieces you can use the pallets to form this DIY pallet wall art pieces which is just simple stacking of the pallet slats together in a canvas or board like shape. Three slats have been stained in black, two in white and the remaining art pieces is light brown and thus making a very shabby chic display at the walls and adding some rustic appeal to the whole living, hall or dining room dwelling depending where you mount it.

diy pallet wall art
Walls of the house can be treated in a lot of ways to make them look more gorgeous and beautiful and this pallet made wall art pieces is something unique and creative to be used on walls.
handmade pallet wall art
This accent looking pallet wall art piece is really feasible to at home with out much hassle all you need to do is just stack and yoke pallet slats together in a large square shape with the custom size depending on your wall length and width.
pallet wall art
The pallet wall art piece with the rustic look and the rustic marks on the wooden surface look really a natural kind of piece and have been turned into a shabby chick piece some blackish and white stained slat pieces.

upcycled pallet wall art
Made by: OQ Pallets Furniture LLC

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