Pallet Wood Love Wall Art

Interior wall decors just speak for our individual taste and also about the overall theme of home! So you should really take it serious while selecting the decors for interior blanks wall areas as it can really earn a lot of fame for you and also those of appreciated comments from the neighbors, family members and friends! Use the free sources to build some amazing art pieces like this DIY pallet love wall art, this is all free to get out of pallets and will give the instant rustic expression or a traditional touch to any of your favorite wall!

This handmade symbol of love would really earn more love for you and you only need to spend a little time with pallets to build it! Just built a wooden board and add the backside supports to hold the packed pallet slats in place! Now integrate the chopped pallet pieces to build a wooden heart and just mount over the pre-made wooden frame! In this case the heart has been displayed in dark red but you can go with any clever shade of paint to make the heart appear in your favorite avatar!!

recycled pallet wall art
Just prepare a geometrical wooden boards by putting together some equal sizes of pallet slats, just add the back supports to hold them in place! At the end a copper wire loop has been added for safe hanging of it on a wall area!
wooden pallet heart wall art
A pallet-made heart has been mounted over this wood-made frame ant it really results into fab wall art! Enhance any look of your interior wall using this rustic art pieces or it would even work better for as a rustic dainty piece on that targeted wall area!

Made By Allen Jones

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