Pallet Bookshelf with Star and Horse Tag

Almost every dwelling has some members who have keen interest in reading books. So books held very important for a home and are a companion in boring and leisure time. Here we are to share with you a one of nice DIY pallet ideas which will not only secure your favorite books and magazine but also make a mannered and organized setting of them. We have crafted a DIY pallet bookshelf from pallet wood reclaiming which has been tagged with some star holes and horse sign.

This can be positioned in any room throughout your home or in office to keep the book safe. You can magnify its functionality and storage space by adding some more wood pallet shelves in it which can easily be managed with pallet wood. Very decorative needs can also be met by uploading some informative and artistic toy and art on its top to make it a centerpiece in the living room.

reclaimed pallet bookcase

recycled pallet bookcase

upcycled pallet bookcase

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