Pallet Succulent Planter

There are many ways to add some greenery in the indoor sections of the house but the best way to that is to have some succulents in a gorgeous planter as they are not only beautiful plants but are capable to survive in arid environments too. For the possession of a planter you have many choices to go for but making one of your own with your own hands would not only save your money but also let you feel pride in making it. And with pallets you can have a pallet planter that is sturdy, robust and stylish as well and that too without spending even a penny.

For an idea or inspiration you can have a look at this DIY succulent planter made from the pallets in a quite simple and easy structure building method. Pallet slat piece of customized length has been packed together to shape up this tray like planter using some nails and wooden glue. An old fish tank stand coated white has been used for the support of this smoky black planter creating a striking color combination.

Wooden pallet succulent planter
This cute looking planter is really very easy to build from the pallets and you dont have to work hard to install it as it would be ready within a few hours getting you indulged in the stacking of some pallets slats into a tray like box structure.
pallet succulent planter
Then support system or the leggy support of the planter is an old fish tank stand and you can use pallets for the purpose or some metal scraps also.Fill the planter with some soil to make it prepare for the planting of succulents.
diy pallet succulent planter
After soil add some cute and gorgeous succulent flowers to the planter with some stones add to it making the planter look more stunning and gorgeous in looks and thus creating some natural beauty vibes in the indoor ambiance.
Gorgeous pallet succulent planter
Imagine this gorgeous and appealing succulent flower planter making a pleasing display in your indoor spaces like the hall, outside the kitchen in living corner etc and thus adding a lot beauty to the interiors of the house with a visual boost touch.

Made by: Recycled wood creations by Mike

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