Vertical Planter

Succulents are pretty, beneficial and extremely easy to maintain. Go for these DIY pallet vertical planters, which house these fat plants in a delicate and pretty way. Create these with pallet wood slats and Eco paint. Use any succulent of your choice and plant them spaced out, as they will grow. You may hang or prop these planters wherever you would like. They look nice as frames or decoration on your shelves.

They look nice indoors as well as outdoors. They become a steady source of succulent plants as you can cut and replant these. You may also gift these planters or the succulents, which you have grown in them. Construct these and paint them different pastel colors to enhance the Matt hue of the plants. You can make them in all sizes and shapes. Giving them a curved edge enhances their beauty and presentation.

recycled pallet vertical garden

reclaimed pallet vertical garden

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